Relax and stretch out

For more than 70 years since our foundation, we had been offering amazing guest services for visitors enjoying old city Nara.
Calm feeling when you arrive in the room and put down your luggage.
Peaceful moment saying “good night” to your close person next to you.
Relaxed atmosphere when you soak in the hot water in the large bath room.
Energy brought by the bite of hot breakfast.
We offer premium experience on all of the moment you stay.


A great day start with a great breakfast. We serve an authentic and healthy Japanese style breakfast.
Why don’t you actively walk streets in Nara and other Kansai cities?
Nara local specialty “Chagayu (tea porridge)” is freshly cooked with Houji-cha (roasted green tea) when ordered. You can also enjoy fresh roasted smell.
For meat lovers, we also serve Morning Sukiyaki meal set. Our original light sauce is ideal for morning. The meat charges you up!
From the breakfast time, you can enjoy the delicacy of old capital.

Premium Hospitality


We have four types of rooms:
7.5 tatami-mats/13 tatami-mats/Western style twin/Large room
They all feature a smart lay-out and simple design.
They are not so large, but we believe you can relax with your close person in your cozy room.


“Koumeiseki Natural Mineral Bath”
This is an artificial hot spring using natural mineral “Koumeiseki”.
It is said that relief from fatigue, stiff shoulders, back pain, and sensitivity to cold conditions can benefit from this hot spring.
The hot spring water keeps you deeply warm after bathing.
During the bathing time, you can look back your day and think about the plan of the next day.
It is a precious moment.