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About Go To Travel

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in infection prevention with the implementation of Go To Travel.
In addition, when using it, it is necessary to check the compliance items described on the following site (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) and agree to the participation conditions.

[Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Government Office Go To Travel Business Related Information]

[Matters to be observed when using GoTo Travel]

■ Corona protection
[Cleaning, disinfection, ventilation here]
・ Receive, elevator, cleaning, what you say, cleaning and erasing.
-She is a liquid-free hand sanitizer for hand sanitizer to the place.
・ We are continuing the temperature measurement with the person who checked in.
・ We are requesting cooperation for mask arrival, hand washing and hand exemption in the mask space.
[National Three Cs.]
・ Bathhouses, widow or widowers, mountains of use, waiting for time, ample space
I’m sorry.
・ Chopsticks come, tongs, chopsticks and chopsticks are available.

If you have any questions, please contact us (0742-22-0551).

Manager of Tenpyo Ryokan


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